Time to harvest

Yes, summer is over. It’s autumn now. We are slowly encouraged to turn inward. To slow down and rest… Although we still have much to harvest. We have two apple trees that have produced an incredible amount of apples. We’ve made apple pies, apple cake, apple muesli bars, applesauce, and liters of apple juice. Perhaps you know a tasty apple recipe? Because the tree isn’t empty yet!

Going along with the seasons

We have almost forgotten how important harvesting is and how crucial it is to save seeds for the next season. I love going along with the seasons, especially here in Sweden, where I feel even more connected to nature than in the Netherlands. The greenhouse and our garden help with that. We see the fruits and vegetables grow and bloom. Now we can pick, taste, and process them so that we can enjoy them during the dark and cold days. We slowly see the decay approach—the circle of life.

Valuable moments

Reflecting on the turning of the wheel of the year and the seasons makes you aware and provides valuable moments throughout the year. Am I still on the right path? Can I let go of something? What do I want to nurture and grow?

Have fun together

Personally, I’ve become very clear about how I want to shape my life here in Sweden. With a lot of attention to myself and self-development. I want to grow my business while at the same time be available for my family. These might sound like obvious goals, but I have a strong determination to find the right balance. Making time for the children (they grow up so fast!) and my husband. We’ve been together for 25 years, and it’s especially important now to invest in each other. To develop as a couple and have fun together. The past few seasons have made me realize that.

I invite you to take a moment this week to reflect on your harvest from this year. What has the past year brought you? What were your learning moments, what do you want to contemplate? What have you become aware of? Take a moment for yourself, make time for it, and enjoy what it brings you.

Have a great day!


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