The liberation of being alone

Do you easily get caught up in the whirlwind of family, work, and responsibilities? (like I often do?;) Keep on reading, because I think I have an interesting theory for you. 

It’s not always a blessing to work from home as a couple, while raising a family, managing housekeeping, and trying to maintain social contacts every once in a while. It’s a constant demand on our time and energy. That’s why I want to talk about something that has such a positive impact in my life: planning intentional alone time. 

Doing groceries used to be something I always did. But because my work requires a lot of time, we decided that Dennis should make it his task. So every Thursday, Dennis goes to the supermarket. And this morning when he went, I yelled at him: ‘Take your time, honey!’ Because the liberation I felt the first time when I was alone for just a few hours… The silence and the space… I don’t have to take anyone into account. I love it. So, I began planning more moments during the week to be alone, such as going hiking in the forest for a couple of hours or visiting the library or an office space to work. I should have started this earlier!

Let me explain why being alone is so important:

Self-Reflection: There’s incredible value in taking a moment for self-reflection. Alone time allows you to pause, step away from your busy routines, and contemplate your life and your goals. It’s an opportunity to reconnect with your inner self and gain clarity.

Recharge: In the solitude of nature, I’ve found the perfect setting to recharge my mind and spirit. The forest’s beauty and tranquility offer space to unwind, reduce stress, and regain energy. It’s where I can breathe deeply and find a sense of peace.

Independence: Being alone encourages independence and self-reliance. Whether I’m taking a solitary hike in the woods or working from an office space, I’m reminded of my ability to navigate life on my terms. It boosts my confidence so much.

Creativity and Productivity: Solitude fuels creativity and productivity. When I’m alone in the heart of nature or in a focused workspace, my mind has the freedom to explore new ideas and be in deep concentration. It’s where I’ve often found the inspiration for my work.

Personal Growth: Alone time is a catalyst for personal growth. It’s during these moments that I’ve nurtured my passions and developed new skills. It’s a time for self-improvement and self-discovery.

I encourage each of you to consider how you can incorporate moments of solitude into your lives. Whether it’s a stroll in a park, a few hours at a local library, or even dedicating a cozy corner in your home for quiet reflection. The benefits are immeasurable. Embrace the power of solitude and discover how it can enhance your well-being!

Of course, I can offer you some ‘me-time’ this weekend. My online yoga class on Saturday will be about self-reflections and recharging. You are welcome! 

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