Spring Fever

I don’t know about you but in February I always get spring fever. Actually, already in January… It’s not different now that we live in Sweden. Every time when the snow melts I’m thinking: Yes, spring is coming! But then I wake up in the morning, look outside the window and see a complete white world.

Like right now our garden, the streets and the highway are completely covered with snow. So I guess I have to be a little bit more patient…

Not Saturday but Sunday

Because my dear husband is in the Netherlands, I am not able to do a yoga class on Saturday (because I need his laptop for it:). Therefore we will do the class on Sunday instead of Saturday.

Follow the moon

The next few online yoga classes we will follow the moon cycle. You may not be very aware of it, but the moon’s monthly journey has an effect on your life. By becoming aware of the moon’s four main phases, you can awaken a new understanding of yourself.

In the four classes to come I will help you to understand the moon phases, what you can do best to thrive in the moon energy.

You are very welcome to join. Good to know that you can join for free! So don’t miss out. Click here to register.

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