Spreading some love to mother Earth

Typical how quickly you get alert when you smell smoke. On Tuesday a smell of smoke woke us up at night. First we thought the house was on fire. But a quick inspection made us realize the smoke came from outside. Turned out an area of 6 hectares was on fire, just a few kilometers away. It has been so crazy dry the last few months, that it is hard to get the fire under control. And as we speak the fire is still burning.

This fire and drought are important reminders for me that we have to take action against climate change. I’m always very happy to see that groups like Extinction Rebellion are gaining popularity and that they are making progress with their actions. I loved the protest in Wijk aan Zee last weekend against Tata Steel. Nature has always held a special place in my heart. As a child, my ultimate goal was to work with Greenpeace, driven by a deep sense of the importance of nature. I am therefore so happy to become a Forest Therapy Guide soon. Now is the time to let people connect to themselves through nature in order to help the planet.


We used to have a profound connection with nature, a bond of reciprocity. Our ancestors understood the significance of this connection and lived in harmony with the Earth. However, in our modern lives, we have lost touch. We take from nature without considering the consequences, and we often forget to express gratitude for the abundance mother earth provides. We take it all for granted.

I am convinced mindful walks in nature are a beautiful way to rediscover that deep connection and create more balance in our lives. It quiets our minds, and allows us to tune into our senses, observe the wonders around us, and cultivate a renewed appreciation for the natural world. I can’t wait to start guiding the walks. But first I have to finish the course 🙂

Your inner wisdom

In the meantime I am working on my website and in August I will be back with the online yoga classes and workshops. All in order to help you to tap into your inner wisdom and foster a sense of unity with the world around you.

Let’s take small steps towards a greener and more harmonious world. Let’s reconnect with nature, ourselves, and each other. By nurturing this connection and spreading our love for the earth, we create a healthier and more balanced existence for ourselves, our children, and future generations. Beautiful words to end this newsletter. I’ll be back next week, with hopefully some inspirational words for you 🙂


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