Power of ceremony

Just like we need water, food, love and shelter for human survival, we also need ceremonies and rituals to survive, as they create a sense of belonging within us, which is a need deeply embedded in our DNA and critical for survival. Ceremonies remind us that there is something greater. They help us understand and connect us to the divine, to that which is incomprehensible to our minds.

We therefore need rituals to thrive in our life, to give us sense and direction in our human existence. Rituals connect us deeply to ourselves and to the higher source that gives all life. It gives us the comfort of feeling we belong somewhere, of engaging with a community. Ceremony creates unity instead of separation and shows us how we are all longing for and striving for the same things in life.

Remembrance day

Today it’s ‘National Remembrance Day’ in the Netherlands. It’s a day when the Dutch can remember and commemorate the soldiers and civilians who died in WWII and other conflicts. This takes place during a two-minute silence, at 8 PM on that day.

Even though we live in Sweden now, we still will be quiet for 120 seconds at 8 pm. I think it’s important to continue with this ritual and have a moment of silence. So we won’t forget where we came from, where our grandparents had to deal with in the war. And also to be aware of our freedom. Freedom is something to cherish. It’s good to realize how lucky we are…


Freedom will be the theme of my online class on Saturday. You are welcome to join!

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