Not just an ordinary day

For all the Dutchies: congrats with the king! I hope you find some nice bargains on the free markeds, or that you are having fun with friends and family.
No Kings Day here in Sweden. Dennis has a day off though, because he still works for a Dutch company. But the kids are at school and we are not dressed in orange. Just an ordinary day here in Sweden.

Well, not that ordinary. I am super excited because tonight I will teach a yoga class ‘in real life’. It’s been a while…
Every Thursday night I join a yoga class: ‘Yoga med Renee’. But Renee is feeling sick today so she asked me if I could stand in for her. Sure! Like I said, it’s been a while since I did a yoga class ‘in real life’. And it’s for a group of Swedish people instead of Dutch. So it all feels fresh and new. But I think it will be great to experience a group dynamic again.


My online yoga class is on Saturday morning at 9.30. I am thinking about expanding and scheduling more classes during the week. I’m curious: what would be the perfect moment for you to do an online yoga class? You can reply to this newsletter or email to Highly appreciated!


Stockholm was great! We were very lucky with the weather. It was nice to spend time together. We had so much fun and Stockholm is just fantastic. Such a nice balance between culture and nature.

Register here for the online yoga class for this Saturday

Have fun today!

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