Let’s slow down together

It wasn’t so long ago I felt like ten years passed in just a blink of an eye. I remember when my son turned 10, I couldn’t believe it. Where did the time go? I was so afraid that if I would blink again, ten years would pass and he would say: bye mom, I’m moving out!

At that point something clicked inside me: I need to stop wasting my time on screens, stop buying stuff I don’t need and fill my agenda with activities I’m not looking forward to. Time is precious. Time with my kids and loved ones is precious.

Follow dreams

What I needed was to take a good look inside. Becoming aware of my real needs: to be happy, to feel fulfilled and take back control of my life. So I decided to do something different. I followed my dreams. As you may know, we traveled through Europe for a year and we moved to Sweden. I did several meditation and mindfulness courses and YES! I started to feel connected again. Connected to myself, to the people around me, to nature. I feel connected to life. I am enjoying all parts of life, also parts that may be difficult.

Your life path isn’t always easy to walk on. And maybe you can relate to this concerning feeling that life overcomes you. That years pass by as if they are months. Are we halfway through the year already?

So let’s slow down a little. Let’s find that stop button together and make your life a mindful one. With meaningful moments, with moments to cherish.

Are you ready?!

If you are ready to slow it down and to push the stop button, then you are so welcome to join my self O’clock Online Member Program. For € 20,- or 230 SEK a month you get full access to the program. You get an email every Monday that will inspire you to work on a specific theme. As a member you get access to all weekly (3) online yoga/meditation classes spread out nicely during the week. During these classes we will go deeper in this theme to work on. You can watch the replays if you can’t join life.

I designed this self O’clock Member Program completely from my own perspective in life. I’ll be honest and open and I will keep it simple and light. I will help you to connect. Connect to yourself, to your loved ones, to nature and to life. We will create mindful and meaningful moments together. And you will get inspired to fill your life with more meaningful moments.

Let’s slow down together! Become a member

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