Let’s put some teeth into nature!

It feels like we are pretty much settled down in Sweden. The kids are doing great at school, the dog is used to us and vice versa, the house is definitely not finished but it doesn’t have to be (it’s a long term project;), we made new friends… We are slowly starting to find our way here.

I had the urge for a while to start a new training. To dive into something and put my teeth into it. And now we are settled down, it’s really starting to manifest.

Next question would be: where do I want to dive into? Do I want to deepen my yoga practice? Do more with meditation? I am super interested in Ayurveda… Maybe start an Ayurveda training? Yeah, all good thoughts and ideas, but maybe for later this year. Because I think I found just what I am looking for.

Forest Therapy

In May I will start the Forest Therapy Guide training. To deepen my connection and learn how to guide people in nature. Since I was a child I have felt so connected to nature. Nature makes me happy and fulfilled. It’s where I recharge and feel light at heart. And now we live in Sweden, I want to deepen that connection and inspire people to do the same. So I’m super excited and actually can’t wait to start.

Free yoga class

Have you already joined my online yoga class on Saturday? Take advantage of the fact that it’s still for free (because it won’t be for long:). We are closing the moon cycle… Hope to see you then!

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