As a yoga teacher living in Sweden for the past year, I’ve had the opportunity to immerse myself in the Swedish culture. One concept that has particularly resonated with me is the word ‘Lagom.’ This unique Swedish term represents a balanced and harmonious approach to life, and it beautifully aligns with the principles of yoga.

Lagom is often translated as “just the right amount” or “moderate.” It’s about finding the sweet spot, that perfect balance where everything is neither too much nor too little, but precisely what is needed. In the world of yoga, this balance is at the core of our practice. Yoga is about finding equilibrium, both on the mat and off it.

When we step onto our yoga mats, we try to achieve ‘Lagom’ in our practice: the ideal balance between strength and flexibility, between effort and surrender. In each asana (physical yoga pose), we explore the space between pushing ourselves to the limit and respecting our body’s boundaries. It’s a beautiful dance of moderation.

The essence of ‘Lagom’ also extends beyond our physical practice. Yoga encourages us to find ‘Lagom’ mentally and emotionally. We learn to navigate the middle path, avoiding extremes of stress. Through mindfulness and meditation, we cultivate mental equanimity. Lagom isn’t about pushing emotions away; it’s about experiencing them with a sense of moderation and balance.

Unity and kindness In Swedish culture, ‘Lagom’ is also about communal harmony and cooperation. In our yoga community, we build connections and support each other on our unique journeys. Just as the Swedish concept encourages working together for the greater good, our yoga practice fosters a sense of togetherness, unity, and kindness.

Living in Sweden has reinforced the idea that ‘Lagom’ isn’t just a concept; it’s a way of life. It reminds me that my yoga journey is about embracing the middle path.

Practice Lagom
So, my fellow yogis, let’s fill our practice with ‘Lagom’! I’ll be glad to help you finding that sweet spot, and guide you towards a life in harmony. Join me here!

Ha det bra! Kalinka

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