Family flow time

I am in a happy mood! Yesterday I picked up my parents from Stockholm Airport. They will be staying here for 10 days. For my mother it was the first time in an airplane, for my father the first time in 50 years. Super excited for them to make this big trip.

We will explore the area together. So nice to show them around and to make them part of our new life for the next 10 days.


The biggest downside of moving to Sweden was to leave my parents behind. They are getting older and more and more needy. That’s why a nice guesthouse was one of the conditions for buying a house. So my parents (and other family and friends) could easily come over for longer periods.

I challenge myself

Because I’ll be occupied with my parents, I won’t have much time to prepare for my online yoga class. So I decided to challenge myself by not preparing at all. I will do the class on Saturday ‘on the cuff’. When I was teaching in Dutch that happened more often. Just go with the flow, see and feel what the class needs. But in English it felt that I needed proper preparation.

Let’s flow

So doing it unprepared feels a bit scary, but also interesting. To go with the flow, to see what happens and to be curious of the outcome. Not just curious but hopefully pleased as well.

Are you curious about how I will do this class on the cuff? Let’s go with the flow together! You can register here (for free).

Hope to see you Saturday. Ha det bra! 🙂


Join the online Mindful Hatha on Saturday 9.30

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