Contemplating on family dynamics

As storm Hans is passing by and leaves us with wet feet and green grass, I salute you again! How is/was your summer? For us this summer may have been the most expensive one we’ve had, accompanied by twists and turns we didn’t foresee. Yet, the journey home brings a renewed sense of gratitude for the experiences we’ve had.

Take a moment to inhale the world around you… and exhale any worries. Mindful breathing offers calm, even in the craziest times.

Back in Sweden we are preparing for the next big thing: my parents are joining us here. Their love for this country growed during their April visit. And they simply miss us very much. So they’re making Sweden their new home. Such an exciting, brave and big step for them. 

Family dynamics

The idea of having them nearby brings feelings of both joy and contemplation.

It’s beautiful having my parents close by. The thought of spontaneous gatherings is nice and I can help them with all the down sides of getting older. But, as we all know, family dynamics can be difficult. Patterns and roles that have evolved over time can lead to complex situations.

Navigating in these situations can be challenging, yet rewarding. I’m committed to dig into these dynamics, embracing the complications as opportunities for growth. I am setting an intention for a harmonious stay for my parents.

As we prepare to welcome them, I am reminded once again of the power of mindfulness. Just as mindful breathing grounds us, mindful interactions can pave the way for deeper connections and understanding.

My first Forest Walk

I am also prepping for my first Forest Walks this week as part of the practicum exam. I’m looking forward to that and will tell you all about it next week. 

The online classes will start soon after that. 

Wishing you all a shiny day! 

Breathing in, I embrace this moment. Breathing out, I embrace the journey ahead.


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