Bonus Yoga Nidra

Three Body Meditation


If you find this meditation a challenge, try easing into it by letting go of the effort and allowing yourself to 'simply' be present, whatever that may entail.

The focus during the practice of the three bodies Yoga Nidra is to get in touch with the third and most subtle body, the spiritual body (also often referred to as the self or the spirit). This is achieved by penetrating the layers of perception and awareness, starting from the outside where we focus on the physical body's shape and sensations, moving deeper to become aware of the subtle sensations of energy and the fluctuations of our thoughts and emotion in our astral body.

As we move our focus from one body to the other, we also become aware of the separation of our three bodies. How we have the choice to focus or not to focus on a physical sensation or a thought. We can begin to tune into the awareness of the permanent and shapeless body, ourselves, as we become aware of our ability to shift our awareness and as the awareness of the separation between us and our body and mind.