About me

How it all started

self O’clock started in 2021 when we spent a year traveling through Europe. With the five of us in a camper moving from place to place. Meeting lovely people, seeing beautiful places… This special trip with our three kids made us realize that sometimes you just have to jump.

After the trip we decided as a family to move to the country we love so much: Sweden. It was a scary move, and a sad one. Because we had to say goodbye to our family and friends. It was a beautiful move too because Sweden always feels like coming home. The nature, the people, the balance. For us it all comes together here.

Continuing our adventure, in the summer of 2022, we hopped in our campervan again. This time with a clear aim: to find ourselves a new home. And we found it!

Back to how self O’clock all started. I discovered that yoga and teaching yoga is what I love and where I am good at. I love to give people a sense of relaxation and peace, a relaxing moment, a spark of love. To do this online I can reach people in the Netherlands, in Sweden… From all over the world actually!

What I really want is to reach you and help you reconnect with yourself. So you can reconnect to your loved ones emotionally and to nature spiritually. Life passes by so quickly, right? Let's slow down a little, become aware and become happy again. With my online classes I hope to reach you through the online universe. So let’s connect!