A stiff and sore body is actually a wonderful starting point

‘I can never do yoga, because I am so stiff!’. This is something I hear so often when I tell people I am a yoga teacher. And if you have the same idea about your body, then I am happy to tell you: stiffness is not a roadblock; it’s a pathway to transformation! Stiffness is actually a wonderful starting point.

Addressing the Stiffness Myth

One of the most common misconceptions about yoga is that it’s only for the flexible. Yoga, as a practice, embraces everyone. It’s not about how far you can stretch; it’s about how deeply you can feel and experience your body. In each session, we gently get our bodies to open up, to surrender, and to reveal their hidden potential.

In this surrender, a stiff body has so many opportunities to connect. It’s a signal that your body is ready to tell you things. It’s a source of potential waiting to be unlocked.

Why Getting in Touch with Your Body Matters

Our modern lives are filled with distractions, fast-paced routines, and a constant flood of information. In this chaos, it’s easy to disconnect from our bodies and forget to listen to what they’re telling us. Yoga, with its focus on breath, movement, and self-awareness, offers an opportunity to return to our physical selves.

Yoga encourages mindfulness and the exploration of your body without judgment. It’s not about moving into pretzel-like poses; it’s about tuning in to your body’s needs, finding your edge, and gradually expanding your boundaries. As you listen to your body, you learn to decipher it’s messages, identify areas of tension, and nurture the spaces that need attention.

Online Yoga: A Gateway to Your Yoga Journey

If you’ve ever felt hesitation to join a yoga class because you feel insecure about what so ever, online yoga might be the perfect starting point. My online classes, held every Saturday from 9.30 AM to 10.30 AM, offer a supportive and non-judgmental environment. In the comfort of your own space, you can start your yoga journey, at your pace.

So, whether you’re a seasoned yogi or a complete beginner, I invite you to join me in this journey. Let’s explore the beautiful language of your body, one breath at a time.
A nice first step would be to watch and join me in this video.
Or book the next online class here.

Wishing you a great day! Kalinka

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